Skills built over the years

In the field of design and construction of high frequency welding machines, THF is a leading company that stands out for its approach oriented to the response to the need and the problem solving. It is known for the solid knowledge it holds within it and which pervades the entire design and operational method.
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Technical coverings

Machines and plants for manufacturing waterproof covers for trucks, swimming pools, tensile structures.


Machines and systems for medical lungs and bags, connection tubes for bags, with loader or inserter.

Solar covers

In the solar roofing sector, THF machines allow invisible welding as required by most leading brands.

Mosquito screens

Machines for production of mosquito nets, welding, cutting and other features on request.

Cutting Systems

Slitters and rewinders for use with PVC and PP plastic films are produced in many sizes for different kinds of application.


Machines manufacture for the production of envelopes, covers and document holders, packaging elements.

Special projects

Every project is "special". Even if your requirements are very specific, please ask for what you need.

What is high frequency (HF)

High frequency welding is a very effective and resistant welding technique which consists of stressing the very molecules of the parts of material which are to be joined and does so without the use of heat sources. It is the electrical impulse used that brings the parts together, forming a kind of "new material" that has the same characteristics as the original one. It is used in various sectors. We have been manufacturing machinery using this technology for 50 years in various industries.
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