About us

High-frequency welding involves joining materials by applying high-frequency energy in the form of an electromagnetic field and pressure to the surfaces of the materials to be joined.
No heat is applied from the outside: instead, it is the electrical energy that causes the molecules within the material to move. It is this movement that generates heat and thus allows it to melt between the two surfaces.
After proper cooling of the welded surfaces, the new material is ready and retains the strength of the original material.

A bit of history

"We evolved by doing, by studying, by thinking together how to create new solutions for every single detail of every machine we produce."

Carlo Sartori

The 70s
THF's experience stems from the in-depth study of the techniques and secrets of high-frequency welding, developed by its partners in the early 1970s in Italy and abroad. It was during these years that the Italian design of the first high-frequency generators was developed in a number of specific sectors: paper products, tarpaulins, inflatable items and baby items. The study of the techniques took place abroad, the practice was then implemented in Italy.

The 80s
The company was founded in 1982 on the initiative of Carlo Sartori who, having learnt the technique and realised its great potential, involved two friends in the company, his colleagues and lifelong collaborators Nando Ianelli and Pietro Agnetti. The original company approach is mainly oriented towards the provision of qualified assistance services and machinery maintenance.

The 90s
Just after this initial phase, as relationships with customers were being consolidated and strengthened, the THF team's ability to deal with more specific, complex and diversified requests relating to dealing with and solving important aspects of production began to emerge and be increasingly appreciated.

since 2000
The company is on the market and has already evolved considerably. The customers are primary. Innovation and patents accompany this growth. Underlying this is trust and an increasingly close and direct relationship with customers, the small and large entrepreneurs who trusted and still trust THF's technology and unique approach.


The structure is simple and divided into three macro-areas in order to always be able to respond directly and effectively to the needs of each customer.

Communication, both written and electronic, is indispensable for work. That is why in our organisation we place great importance on listening to our customers: whether it is a first contact or a request for technical assistance, you will be listened to and followed up directly at the highest level.